Technology Assessment

Is it time to give your business an IT checkup? Your network is the backbone of your business and you rely on it for all your IT tools. You can’t afford downtime or inefficiency. A sluggish network means lower productivity and lower profits.

A technology assessment is critical to determining your network flaws before they affect business.

We’ll analyze your IT infrastructure from top to bottom and provide you with a thorough report. If there are opportunities for improvement, we’ll let you know.

Address critical issues and plan for the future with strategic options for your business’s increased scalability with technology assessments from WA Technologies.

What you get from technology assessments with WA Technologies:


A quick snapshot of your IT network’s current health


A comprehensive report that includes areas in need of improvement and potential issues


An evaluation of your current network equipment – including cybersecurity and backup solutions


Strategic suggestions for staying a step ahead of possible IT issues

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Why technology assessments are right for your business

You can’t improve without first knowing where you stand. An in-depth technology assessment gives you the ability to be deliberate and calculated as you plan for future growth. After all, it’s not enough to have a functional IT network today. You have to plan for tomorrow, as well.

How does technology assessments work

We’ll take a look at your current equipment to get a full picture of what you’re working with right now. We’ll also ask some strategic questions to identify any pain points. Then we’ll use our expertise to determine the best tech options to address shortcomings and misfires.






Pain Points Solved


Increase scalability

We identify the best ways to improve, modify or replace current technology.

Mitigate risks

A backup strategy that protects valuable data and makes recovery simple.

Identify gaps where technology fails

When your business needs aren’t met, we have a solution.

Strategic roadmap

A plan of action is created for addressing problems discovered in the assessments.

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