Is your business truly secure?

When your business depends on technology, it’s open to multiple threats. As no two businesses are the same, you can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all security package. Instead, you need something that supports your business’s unique aims.

At WA Technologies, we provide custom security solutions for businesses throughout South Florida, and surrounding areas. Our security packages are tailored to match your organization’s unique threat profile.

With managed security, you stay one step ahead of the invisible threats that could harm your business. We’ll identify your weaknesses and use our expertise to provide a custom security plan.

What do you get with our cybersecurity?


A customized plan that tackles your business’s security threats


Continuous monitoring and management of threats


Risk assessments and vulnerability testing


Protection for your customers’ data and your reputation


Education on specific threats to prevent human error


Safeguarding your confidential data to keep your customers happy

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Why do you need cybersecurity?

Did you know that, on average, it takes half a year to detect a security breach? By predicting threats and guarding you against them, we protect the confidential information you hold. We perform threat management that doesn’t stifle your business’s daily activities.

“We are grateful to have someone that we can always rely on to make sure we are up and running at all times. We truly appreciate the wonderful relationship we’ve developed and look forward to many more years ahead!”

– Barbara
Law Firm

How does our cybersecurity solution work?

We’ll begin your security journey by assessing your current vulnerabilities and realistic threats to your business. Once we have your risk profile in place, we’ll create a security package that’s entirely unique to your needs. By focusing on custom solutions, you can achieve high-level security that doesn’t suffocate your daily activities.

Pain Points Solved


Identify ongoing security risks

You don’t need to worry about new risks emerging, as we stay one step ahead of them.

Maintain customer confidentiality

Avoid damage to your reputation with our vigorous approach to protecting data.

Remain complaint with security laws

Dodge the fines that come with failing to comply with relevant legislation.

Prevent business downtown

Avoid threats such as ransomware and worms to avoid business downtime.

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