Backup & Disaster Recovery

At WA Technologies, maintaining data security is always difficult, but with cloud backups in a secure solution, you know that you’re getting the best encryption and protection.

With constant high-quality monitoring, you can see the protections surrounding your data in real-time, and know your data is safe.

With comprehensive backups to cover everything, at your business, make data loss a thing of the past with a structured system that covers everything.

What do you get from backup and disaster recovery with WA Technologies:


Stop worrying about the integrity of data backups


Secure and protect business data from harm


Meet regulatory compliance standards


Easily access, restore and recover critical data in minutes


BDR virtualization ensures business continuity when server hardware fails

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Why backup and disaster recovery is right for your business

There are two important facets of data backup that ensure you can recover if a disaster happens. First, you need to keep current backups of your data so that you lose as little as possible if you need to restore. Second, the ability to download your data quickly is critical. This minimizes downtime if your business has to restart.

“These guys are true to their commitment. My office has really enjoyed working with WA Technologies.”

– Erin
General Contractor

How WA Technologies’ backup and disaster recovery works

You don’t need to maintain expensive backups on-site anymore. Our off-site solution provides the ability to save on installing, storage costs and energy costs.






Pain Points Solved


Reduce hardware-related downtime

Virtualization provides the ability to boot from failed hardware and operate normally.

Quickly recover from disaster

Gain the ability to avert disasters and overcome them.

Affordability of services

Get the BDR solutions you need that fit with your budget.

Scalability with growing data

Look towards the future with data that will help expand and grow your business.

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