Cloud Solutions
The Cloud is a set of services and technologies that enable the delivery of computing services over the Internet, in real-time, allowing user’s instant access to data and applications from anywhere, via any device with Internet access. One of the greatest assets of a Cloud based system is that it allows us to tailor-make an infrastructure based on your needs and is highly flexible. By utilizing the Cloud, businesses can scale up or scale down on an as needed basis. In the past, scaling service delivery could take months. It can now be done in minutes. Cloud based solutions are taking small businesses by storm, in 2020 78% of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing. WA Technologies Inc.’s Cloud based solutions will accommodate to your business and is adaptable in scale and scope, regardless of the size of your company.

Hosting Solutions

  • VoIP: Voice Over IP is a telephone hosting solution that utilizes the delivery of voice information over the internet. Not only does our VoIP telephone solutions save businesses a significant amount of financial costs over traditional telephone analog lines, but it also provides an abundance of state-of-the-art call features, as well as an increased emphasis on scalability.
  • Offsite Backups: The unfortunate reality that businesses face is that disaster can strike at any time and sometimes something as seemingly innocent as a spilt cup of coffee can lead to unintended results. Our offsite backups ensure that you will always be prepared in the event of an emergency with dedicated backups stored in an external location that will protect you and your business from losing any valuable information.
  • E-mail Servers: Get the most out of Outlook and your mobile e-mail experience with the gold standard of business e-mail by powering your business with our dedicated hosted e-mail service. Utilizing Microsoft’s Exchange infrastructure we will provide a secure, fast, and reliable e-mail service that protects users from harmful malware and spam through the application of advanced filtering algorithms.
  • Data Warehousing: Our data warehouse solution will allow your business to store a near limitless amount of data in a hosted repository server that will keep your data secure from intruders, as well as create an avenue for the data to be easily transferred and shared between authorized personnel.

Onsite Solutions

  • Virtualization: Virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility – not just for large enterprises, but for small and midsize businesses too. Virtualization uses software to simulate the existence of hardware and create a virtual computer system. Doing this allows business to run more than one virtual system – and multiple operating systems and applications on a single server. WA Technologies Inc.’s VMWare based virtualization solution can provide an enormous cost reduction to businesses because it eliminates the need for countless amounts of additional technology oriented hardware.
  • Network Design and Installation: WA Technologies Inc. provides consulting, planning and installation services to help develop the design of your network infrastructure. We help you securely integrate and support an intelligent network design that will allow you to leverage new technologies and grow your business.
  • Network Security: Security is one of the most important cornerstones of any business’s information technology needs. In order to protect your business and the integrity of its information on the network, WA Technologies will install a leading-edge Firewall system that will deflect incoming attacks, block any suspicious traffic and provide real-time warnings alerts to our staff of network engineers. This total security approach will give your company the peace of mind and safeguard it needs to allow you to focus on what matters most in your business.