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WA-Technologies-logoWA Technologies, Inc. is a comprehensive technology solutions partner to small and medium businesses. WA Technologies offers full-service networking and technology consulting solutions at affordable rates. It is our belief that technology is most effective when it puts the power of productivity in your hands.

Entrepreneurs and Business owners are overloaded with the task of running their business, so we work hard to develop unique technology solutions that blend seamlessly into your work environment. If we’ve done our job, you can focus on yours. It is our goal to provide technology solutions that stay out of your way, while still acting as the catalyst to bring your business strategy to life to drive your business toward greater success.

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Fast Response Time

Built in service hours to handle non-covered/urgent service requests

Convenient Process

Remote, telephonic and in-person technical assistance

Personalized Attention

Dedicated Account Managers to handle customer service/account requests


Our maintenance service is designed to address your ongoing IT management and support needs. The service provides regularly scheduled maintenance of systems and networks that, when proactively monitored and managed, will reduce the exposure to many common problems that IT environments experience due to neglect or the security issues inherent from using the internet.

Through our vast experience in supporting small businesses, we have developed a checklist that is used to proactively manage and support your network environment.